Thursday, October 31, 2013


Today was our Pumpkin Parade! The parents came and watched their little ones in costumes march around our patio area. Afterwards we all headed inside for pumpkin muffins. When all of the parents left we did rug time. I read the book above for the third time this month. The children LOVE this book and requested it. Next we headed outside to play on the patio and when we came back inside. I took out some shaving cream and let the children have fun.

For our las rug time we did a science experiment I found here over at Preschool Powol. 
Before I did the experiment we did the song listed below.
Pumpkin Bubble Experiment

Sticky Icky Bubble Gum
**Start off by taking a piece of pretend gum from your pocket, chew it, blow a bubble and pop it**
Sticky icky sticky icky bubble gum 
Bubble gum, bubble gum 
Sticky iicky sticky icky bubble gum 
We'll put it on our head......Oh no it's stuck!

So we pull and we pull and we PULL!
(Pretend you are pulling game off the area it's stuck too)
The children had lots of fun with this song and were very excited to see the bubbles come out of the pumpkin.
We'll that's all for today. Tomorrows Friday :) Yay! Let's hope I remember to take pictures tomorrow!

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