Monday, September 9, 2013

Hickety Bickety

Today was the first day of school!  It went great!  The children got along and did really well following directions. For the first circle time I introduced my friend,  Hickety Bickety, the bumble bee. I have no idea who created this one but the children loved it. You basically go around to each child and say the poem. After the children say their name,  I take the bee, make a buzzing sound, fly the bee around the child, and the bee kisses their nose. The children loved it. We had lots of laughs today with this one.

Here are the words:
Hickety Bickety
Teacher: Hickety Bickety bumble bee,
 can you say your name for me?
Then the child says their name.  

If some children are shy I have them whisper it to the bee. There are so many ways to do this activity.  I like to go up to each child individually, but you could do it as a group and have all the children repeat the child's name.  Sharron Krull has a fun way to do it here.

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