Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ten in the Bed

I am back from the most amazing vacation! Definitely the best birthday present ever! Today I have another felt story for you. I am sure you have all heard the original Ten in the Bed song.This one is similar but instead it's with bears and focuses on color recognition.

I got the words and the bed pattern from Making Learning Fun and found the bear outline here.

Here are the words to this felt story. I changed them up just a little.

Ten in the Bed

There were ten in the bed and the red one said, 

"Roll over, roll over."

So they all rolled over and the (color) one fell out.

Last line.....

There was one in the bed and the RED one said.
"Good night!"

Find the Bear

Tune:  The Muffin Man

Can you find the (color) colored bear, the (color) colored bear, the (color) colored bear? 
Can you find the (color) colored bear?  
(Child's name) come and find it.

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