Monday, November 18, 2013

5 Little Germs

During Health and teeth week we talked a lot about germs and sugar bugs. And a lot of children have been coming in with runny noses and coughs so I had to find a way to really explain germs and how quickly they spread. I created this felt story to go along with our theme and created the corny rhyme to go with it. So many children wash their hand for about two seconds and I really wanted them to understand that the germs will stay on them. Before we did the rhyme I  pretended to sneeze and put glitter (germs) on my hand and then had a child touch my "germ" hand. Well, that child touched another friends hand and so on and so on and the germs spread all over to each child. When they went to wash it off I explained that you have to really wash your hands good to get all the germs off. Ok, enough rambling, here is the story.

Five Little Germs
by Analisa Carrillo

5 Little Germs
5 Little germs were on my hand.
because someone went ah ah ah choo.
They didn't sneeze into their arm,
so the germs stuck to me like glue. 
I had to wash my hands with soap
before I went to play.
I didn't wash them long enough
So 4 germs were left to stay. 

By the way, the cute little germs were the ones I made. The creepy ones my husband made ;) LOL, but he did a good job and he was a big help! 


  1. I will be adding this to my lesson plan Thank you!

  2. I will be adding this to my lesson plan Thank you!

  3. Cute! Using this tomorrow in my joy school lesson. Thanks!