Wednesday, November 6, 2013


We are talking about Fall and leaves this week so I created this felt story to reinforce sizes. The children had a lot of fun coming up to the board to find a big or small leaf. 
I also created this little poem to go with it:

Big Leaf Small Leaf
  by Analisa Carrillo
Some leaves are big and some leaves are small,
When the leaves can't feed the trees they start to fall.
I need some help finding some leaves from my tree.
______ and _______ can you find a small/big leaf for me?

I insert the children's name in the blank spots and have two children come up at a time. You could easily change it to one child at a time.

For a center I created this game using coffee filters. Someone donated TONS to our school so I have been finding ways to use them. I taped the coffee filters to the table, placed cut out leaves with numbers around the table, and numbered the filters. 

Here's what it looked like

The one in the middle is ripped because….well what child wouldn't find it fun to rip it off hahaha! I just simply explained they are to stay on the table and it didn't happen again. You just gotta love these little ones.

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