Wednesday, November 13, 2013

5 Sugar Bugs

Today we did this felt story I made. I found this song on the internet a few years ago and I just changed it up a bit. A few children asked to do this one again so tomorrow we will do it again :) I just love making felt stories and love my job :)…..most days…hahahah just kidding.

Five Sugar Bugs
Adapted by Analisa Carrillo
Sung to: 5 Little Ducks

Five sugar bugs went out to play,
Inside my mouth one day 
(make a face and say YUCK!)
They had so much fun in there,
Until I brushed and one disappeared .
(Brush a sugar bug off)

No sugar bugs went out to play,
Because I brushed them all away.
I had very clean teeth inside,
And no more sugar bugs were left to hide.

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