Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Beginning of My Preschool Blog

Hi all! My name is Analisa and I decided to start a blog about most things preschool. I say most things because Lord only knows what else I may feel like writing about ;) I teach 3 year olds and absolutely love it. And because I love it so much, I find myself spending the majority of my time looking up new ideas, games and art projects. I actually have wished and searched for a  preschool blog that would go into detail of their daily activities. I'm sure there might be one or two out there. I just haven't found one that is similar to the way my half day program is ran. So here I am starting this in hopes to give ideas to other teachers and of course to get feedback from all of you (Oh and by the way, I am in no way, shape. or form a good writer. Math is more my thing. So bare with me).

My first day back is September 9, 2013 and well I'll just show you what I'm going to do be doing next week.

Ahhhhh!!! Yes I know, I have tons of work to do. Hence the name of my blog ;) Apparently I like to work under pressure and wait to the last minute. I am going to try to get in there early next week. But considering my little sister is getting married next Saturday, I am not sure how it'll all work. I am so excited, happy and proud of that girl! She is an amazing sister and I know she will be the most amazing wife! 

Ok sorry, back to preschool talk. To give me some credit I have been working on felt stories for the past week and wanted to share some with you. The first one is for the month of September and will help me see which children know their colors. I am almost positive I got this one off of someone's site and of course I can't remember where. If you come across it please let me know so I can give them credit.

To make the apples I used our schools dye cut machine and just added brown stems and green leaves. I drew the worm on paper, traced it onto felt and cut it out.
Just in case you were wondering why my worm looks weird, my two year old goddaughter came over and kind of ripped his tail off. So until I make I knew one. This one will work. I made up a silly little rhyme that you are more than welcome to use. And if you are posting it on your blog please link up with me :) It goes like this:
Apples, apples everywhere
with a worm hiding, so beware.
He can’t be far, as you can see.
But where on earth can that little worm be? 
After saying this, or whatever rhyme you choose, give each a child a turn guessing which color apple the worm is under. I love saying these types of rhymes with funny facial expressions. The children get really into it. 

Well, that's it for today! I'll be adding a few more felt stories these next couple days and will be slowly learning how to "cute-isfy" my blog.

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