Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wiggly Worms

The themes I have planned for the month of September are: Back to School, Apples and All About Me. I wanted to make some stories and games that would go along with these themes. As I was searching the web, I came across this post here at Storytime ABC'S Blog! She made the cutest worms and I just had to make them. So I figured since worms and apples go together, I could sneak this into this month's lesson. 

So here are the worms. I really loved everything about her worms so I made them almost exactly the same. I drew these by hand and traced them onto felt. I will be using the same story that she used.

6 Wiggly Worms
One red wiggly worm lying under the sky so blue
Along comes an orange one and that makes two.

Two colorful wiggly worms squirming up a tree,
Along comes a yellow one and that makes three.

Three colorful wiggly worms searching for one more,
Along comes a green one and that makes four.

Four colorful wiggly worms into a puddle dive,
Along comes a blue one and that makes five.

Five colorful wiggly worms squirming across some sticks,
Along comes a purple one and that makes six.

Spending all this time making these games and felt stories is getting me excited to use them! Let's see how many I can make this next week. Have a great Saturday!

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